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Hi!  Welcome to the Caso Lozoya subwiki.  This is a brand new news subwiki about Caso Lozoya.

There are several things to do now:

  1. Let people know about it.  As the creator of this wiki, or one of the earliest users, you are likely aware of communities of interest who would like to participate here.If this is a “geographical” (big city, small town, village) topic, you may want to reach out to relevant community groups, local politicians, etc., to let them know this has been reated.If this is a “subject” topic (a community of interest) then you may want to reach out to relevant online groups, various organizations who might be interested, etc
  2. Post links!  Bookmark!  Make it your homepage!  One of the things that is often a bit of a slog in the early days is that it’s easy to get bored with too few people and too little content.  Post daily.  If you can’t post completely original content (interviews, breaking news) that’s ok – post what you can.  As we grow site-wide, we’ll gain the capacity to do more.
  3. Give feedback to the WT team – the best place is our discord.  Basically, what’s working for you with the software, what’s not working, what kind of support do you need?
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